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Ladies Autumn Shotgun Result – 2nd October 2017

Winners-    Pam Griffin,    Pat Rabbett,   Eileen Fallon,   Jean Meehan,      

             Blackley GC

2nd Place-    Andrea Holt,    Bury GC,   Wendy Gill,   Rochdale GC,    

            Geraldine Bates,    Angela Haworth,   Stand GC

3rd Place-    Clarice Morris,    Wendy Olivier,   Lisa Liddle,   Sophia Garrity,    

            Blackley GC (on CPO)   

Seniors Open 23rd Aug 2017 Result

1st     R Harrop & C Lees (Stamford)       47 pts

         Voucher £60 Each

2nd     I Marsh & K Speight (Bury)       45 pts

         Voucher £50 Each

3rd     D Bell & L Yarwood (Bury)       43 pts

         Voucher £40 Each

4th     M Madden & K Cunningham (Bury)        42 pts cpo

         Voucher £30 Each

5th     G Garner & D Wright (Werneth)        42 pts cpo

         Voucher £25 Each

6th     B Lawton & I Buckley (Saddleworth)        42 pts cpo

         Voucher £20 Each

Nearest the pin, 1st

    D Bell (Bury)          1 Doz Balls

Nearest the Line on 4th

    T Crossley (Accrington)          1 Doz Balls


1st     Captain, Lady Captain, R Wilde, J Wilde       83pts


2nd     J Hilton, N. Brokenshire, Ms. A. Holt, Ms. J. Wild       82pts


3rd     S Ladha, M Ladga, D Southworth, P Southworth        81pts


4th     F Wrigby, H Rigby, D Isherwood, J Isserwood        79pts


Nearest the pin, 1st        G Archer (Kendal)

Nearest the pin, 14th        L Archer (Kendal)


1st    £45 each      2nd    £35 each     3rd    £25 each     4th    £15 each

    NTP          1 doz balls each

Open 4-Man Team 29th July 2017 Result

1st     J Ellis, S Lemon, M Wilson, T Stephenson       90 pts

         Colne         Voucher £55 Each

2nd     S McGregor, G McGregor, W Maddocks, Bury       86 pts cpo

         J Robinson Prestwich         Voucher £45 Each

3rd     J Kilner, J Newall, T Melville, J Winstanley       86 pts cpo

         Ellesmere         Voucher £35 Each

4th     D Drew, M Ross, G Smith, P Richardson       85 pts

         Bury         Voucher £25 Each

Nearest the Pin on 1st

R Davies – Bury    Voucher £15     

Nearest the Pin in 2 on 16th

R Nash – Bury     Voucher £15     

Competitions Committee

Senior’s 60+ Open 28th July 2017 Result

1st     John Caveney & Martin Hill (Bury)       44 Pts       £50

2nd     Sean Doherty & Alan Lenthall (Bury)       42 Pts       £40

3rd     Peter Grossman & John Williams (Ashton Lea)       40 Pts (cpo)       £30

4th     Bill Alexander & Bernard Hargreaves (Ashton Lea)       40 Pts       £25

5th     Vic Bond & Lawrence Yarwood (Bury)       39 Pts (cpo)       £20

Nearest the Pin on 1st

Roger Davenport – Swinton Park    £15     

Due to Heavy rain, the competition was curtailed. 72% of the field completed the course. The prize values have been reduced, and those unable to finish will be refunded or given entry to future open competitions.

Ladies Open Team Competition played on 27th July 2017

Winners -     Janet Wild, Andrea Holt - Bury GC & Karen Payne,

Carol Kerfoot - Rossendale GC   - 80pts

2nd Place -     Pam Chamberlain, Chris Darling,

Jen Farrington & Anne Cross - Pleasington GC   - 74 pts

3rd Place -     Janet Stevens, Ann Hardcastle,

Dot Sunderland & Viv Rigby - Pleasington GC   - 73 pts

Nearest the Pin

17th hole   - Viv Rigby -    Pleasington 

Wilds of Oldham Open Results 26th July 2017

1st    G Garner & I Brooks       43 Pts       £60 each

         Worsley Marriott/Wychwood

2nd     A Pieneer & F Haasbreek       42 Pts       £50 each

          Carus Green/Burnley

3rd    R Rosler & P Wilkinson (Bury)       41 Pts (c.p.o.)       £40 each

4th    P Mcdermott & G Catlow       41 Pts (c.p.o.)       £30 each

          Baxenden/Great Harwood

Prizes paid in vouchers

Nearest the Pin on 1st

D Wild (Glossop)    1 Doz Balls     

Nearest Pin in 2 on 3rd

S Wilson (Glossop)    1 Doz Balls     

Open Seniors Singles 24th July 2017 Result

Overall Winner

Adrian Galloway (5) Pike Fold       40 pts

Division 1 – up to 14 Handicap

1st     Doug Hiles (14) Bury       38 pts

2nd     Jeff Moulton (8) Fleetwood       37 pts cpo

Division 2 – 15 to 28 Handicap

1st    Bob Fortune (16) Bury       38 pts

2nd     Peter James (15) Bury       36 pts

Nearest the pin on 1st

Dave Bell - Bury